New Ticketing Company

Beginning with our February 2014 classes, all tickets to Pensacola Photo School classes will be sold through Brown Paper Tickets. I am very excited about this move – I think you’ll find the BPT ticketing platform to be easier to use, and great for sharing on social media.


To register for our January classes, please continue to use EventBee.

For our February classes, you can begin using Brown Paper Tickets. Check out our promoter page here:

See you in class!
~ Charles

Happy Holidays from Pensacola Photo School

This image was taken at our DIY Holiday Card class. During this class, students learned about using a self-timer on their D-SLR’s to compose that elusive family photograph, without missing their chance to be IN the photograph. Students also learned the complete start to finish process for creating a holiday card, printing it, and mailing it out.

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To all of you who joined us for a class during 2013, thank you! I wish you all the best with your holiday season, and I hope you have a terrific time visiting with family. I know that I sure will! We will be back in 2014 with more classes, so stay tuned!

Holiday Gifting Guide

Every year when the calendar moves from August to September, I can pretty much bet on receiving an email that goes something like this:

I’m getting a camera for Christmas – yay! I don’t want the fanciest, best camera out there… I simply want a camera that will give me good results when capturing moments of the kiddos. In your opinion, what is the best option? I’m thinking about a Canon Rebel. I am such a novice, so please forgive my ignorance!

This is a real email I received from one of our clients. So rest assured… if you feel overwhelmed about the options on the market, know that you are not the only one!


What Not To Do

When you are considering the purchase of a digital camera, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are some common mistakes to avoid when starting your process.

1) Do not try to become an expert on every camera.
You can literally spend months reading camera reviews, and be no closer to making a decision about which camera is right for you. By the time you finish reading all of those reviews, a new camera will be hitting the market. The technology just moves too fast. Pick a camera, and jump in. Learn by doing, not by reading.

2) Do not get hung up on technical details.
If you are willing to spend around $500, you are ready to jump in. Just narrow down the choices based on what is available on the market, and go for it! The sooner you get a camera in your hands, the sooner you can actually start figuring out what you are doing!

3) Don’t read too many reviews.
Go with your gut. There is an opinion for everything on the market. One person will say its the best camera you can buy. Another person will say its the worst camera you can buy. Just go with what feels right. If you hate the camera after you figure out what you are doing, sell it, and buy a new one!


Some Ideas for Getting It Right

1) Narrow it down.
When I teach my Digital Photography 101 students the basics of manual exposure, we talk about eliminating choices. Buying a camera works the same way. So why not go ahead and eliminate Olympus, Sony, and Fuji from your list right now? Stick to the major players: Canon & Nikon. Narrowing down your choices allows you to focus your efforts.

2) Skip straight to the D-SLR.
You’ll find that jumping over the Point & Shoot models will allow you to develop your photography skills much faster. I recommend jumping straight to a D-SLR. If you aren’t sure what is available on the market, don’t start at Best Buy or Office Depot – go straight to the source. Canon & Nikon both have easy to read lists on their website:

Canon D-SLR Camera Bodies

Nikon D-SLR Camera Bodies

3) Read a review.
Once you set a budget, the choices become clear. To spend less than $800, you only have a few options. Narrow it down by reading a review. DP Review has been doing it better and longer than anyone on the Internet. Check out their recent review of the Canon 60D:

4) Buy from a reputable source.
We always recommend B&H Photo Video for anything to do with cameras. They are reputable, and truly the best supplier in the country. But their are deals to be had! Amazon, Adorama, and Best Buy can all offer great deals, so be sure to shop around. And if you want to try the camera first before jumping in, you can always rent it from

I hope this helps! If you have any questions as you prepare to take the leap this holiday season, feel free to send your questions in!

~ Charles

Reviews for Pensacola Photo School

Today, I wanted to share a few of the wonderful things our students have had to say about their experience with Pensacola Photo School. Most students coming to our Digital Photography 101 class have had only limited experience with their camera. We start with the basics, and work our way up!

“I took the Low Light class and the Creative Composition class. Great classes, fun and informative. I would recommend Pensacola Photo School to anybody interested in photography!! Charles did a fantastic job and answered all the questions from every student. I WILL be taking more!!!”
~ David M

“Instructor is easy to get along with and is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient and helpful. Charles is wonderful to learn from.”
~ TinaAnn

“Very good class, nice group of people, planning to do it again soon”
~ Edwin R

“I just took the Digital Photography 101 class, it was great! I love that Charles, the instructor, keeps the classes small to make sure it is more one-on-one. It makes it so easy to learn. I can’t believe how much we covered in only 2 hours, I learned so much! He explains hard topics like iso, aperture & shutter speed, which are now no longer a confusing thing for me. I can actually take my camera off auto and comfortably use it in the manual mode. I highly recommend this class and I think this is well worth the $20.”
~ Desiree W

“I took recently took a lighting class with Charles and his lovely wife and I have to say I started out a bit uneasy since I have had some really bad photographer teachers in the past but from the very moment they begin the class Charles and his wife make you feel perfectly at ease. They were both very friendly and very hands on which I liked. They took the time to explain the little things you wouldn’t learn in a large classroom that would confuse a absolute beginner trying to get even the basics. The class was a good size but each instructor took the time to walk through and check each students progress and answer any and I do mean any question one of us might have had. Each person in the class was a totally different kind of photographer and at totally different levels of knowledge in photography but Charles and his wife explained things so well we all were still on the same level in that class. I enjoyed his class very much and will certainly be signing up for the next lighting class they have and contacting them about individual lessons due to the fact I took so much from this class and had no problem at all following along with the class that have all been past students. This was my very first class with them and I have to say I was more than impressed! Want to learn photography and need a real hands on friendly instructor take one of Charles classes He’s the best!!!”
~ Rachel F

“These are great classes to take! I have taken these classes and learned how to use my camera in many different ways. I’m a hands on learner. This class is exactly that. Charles works with you and your camera. You are not sitting at a desk and just listening to a lecture. He explains by showing and doing stuff with your camera. I would have never known how to use the manual mode if I did not have taken these classes. If you are a photographer that loves taking pics or just wanting to know how to use your dlsr you just bought.. this is the class! just try it… you will not regret it! Thanks Charles for you interest in teaching us students…I will be signing up again in the near future!”
~ Lisa H

Creative Composition Images

Our February Creative Composition class was another success! Ten brave souls stared a weather system right in the eye, and decided to stick with the class! We made it… but just barely! Below are a handful of images I captured during the class.





Thank you to all of you who attended! And thank you SO MUCH to our fantastic model Jennifer G! If you need to book Jennifer G for an assignment, please contact her reps at IZON Models.

March Classes

Just a reminder that we have two fantastic classes on the schedule for March! To kick things off, we are offering our fan favorite Digital Photography 101 on Tuesday / March 5. This will be an evening class from 5:45pm to 7:45pm.

We’ll also have our Basic On-Camera Flash class on Thursday / March 21 from 5:45pm to 7:45pm.

To see our complete class schedule, click here! See you in class!

New Website & Logo Unveiled

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve unveiled our BRAND NEW website & logo within the last couple of weeks! We wanted to launch our new look to really give this place a little more pizazz!


We always want to remind our readers that there are two main ways to stay in touch:

1) Our Email Newsletter

2) Follow us on Facebook

Thanks for visiting!
~ Charles

New Classes on the Schedule

Just a reminder, we have added the much anticipated Low Light Photography class for Thursday, February 21st! Don’t miss your chance to take this fun class. The Low Light Photography class will focus on creating those “slow shutter” images, and creep towards the “BULB” mode end of the spectrum. Come learn how to have fun with photography!

And coming up in March, we’ll post a reminder about our Basic On-Camera Flash class designed to teach the fundamentals of operating your flash.

Stay tuned!
~ Charles

Workflow Class Images

Just prior to our Workflow Class this past Sunday, I took a few images around the Pensacola Cultural Center to use for editing purposes. Here are a selection of images that our students saw during class.

The Pensacola Museum of Art. An “arty” shot, yes?

A lamp post, with a flag in the background.

Just a random gate that I found outside of the Pensacola Little Theatre.

And some downtown street lanterns to round out the set.

If your images don’t look like this, then we have an entire range of classes to help you get going in the right direction! Pensacola Photo School was designed to help amateur photographers tackle & overcome the challenges of getting started in digital photography. We can help you too!

Great weekend of classes!

In case you missed it, we just hosted our first ever Workflow Class, which was attended by 15 students. Thank you to everyone who came out for the class. Hopefully you made it to your Super Bowl party on time! We also had another very successful Digital Photography 101 with incredible students!


If you haven’t joined us for a Pensacola Photo School class, you have another opportunity this weekend when I teach Creative Composition at 3:00pm. We’ll meet in front of Old Christ Church, across from the Pensacola Bay Brewery for a walking tour of downtown Pensacola!

You can get more details here! See you in class!